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What's It All About?
To serve as a non-threatening place for Newbies and experienced computer users
alike to ask questions -- and get answers! -- on subjects that have to do with computers.

Discussions are encouraged as long as they are in a positive way.
Many times there is more than one answer to a question and many times it takes asking more than once to arrive at a solution to a problem that you can understand.

Computers have a language all their own, which makes it very difficult to learn about them.
Keep asking until you get it and remember, the people giving answers are donating their time and doing the best they can.  No one has all the answers, be tolerant.

Don't be afraid to ask questions. There aren't any dumb questions on a list for Newbies.

Once your problem is solved, it's nice to reply to the list with what you found solved the problem. This way everyone can learn from your experience. That's what a list is all about.

Attachments are allowed up to 100 k total email.

A list is an e-mail system where one member sends an e-mail message and it is distributed to all members of the list. When a reply is sent, it goes back to the list and is redistributed to all members. One can ask questions, or answer questions, or just read the emails to learn.
Try it out, it's "FREE".    Just follow the instructions below.


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