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Spiritual Thinking
Defining the word spiritual for this document

In some ways, I wish I had not used the word spiritual to describe this, as it means too many different things, to different people, that may only confuse the issue. Please simplify your thinking of this word, to how I define it and please don't read anything else into it for the purpose of this paper.

I have used the term spiritual to define thinking that is done using non-man terms, no words.  Thinking that does not use words to think.  Don't over think this.  Non-man term thinking can and in my opinion, should be very simple.

It doesn't have to be complex, but also can be. However, once one gets good enough at it, it should reduce to extremely simple. 

Don't get the idea it's some complex magical way of doing things. It's not. And in the same sense, it can be if that is the way one wishes to see it.  

You see, in some respects, it's whatever works for you.

There's really no ego thing involved with it, like, hey, I can think spiritually better than you. If one thinks this, obviously, they can't, as, if they could, they would understand and know better than  to think this way. :O)

Using man terms to try to describe it, I would say it is something like feelings without using man terms to describe these feeling. These feelings will not likely be, and should not be the same for everyone, as everyone is an individual.
That's one of the nice things about thinking spiritually. Because this type of thinking is done without man terms, there is nothing to cause us to think the same.

Now you say, I've tried and I can't think this way. Sure you can.  How did you think before you learned words when you were very young? Interesting how it goes back to a time when things where so simple.

Here is a simply example of a way to think, not using words. 

Close your eyes. Now, keep your lids shut and open your eyes. What you see with your lids closed, does not need words to describe. You just see it and it is in your mind.  This is a simple form of thinking without using words.  With some work, you can pull pictures into this view, of your choosing. This is just one of the ways to do it.