It Wasn’t a Frog or a Mouse, Pelicans, Little Fish and the Van Shroud

Monday July 27, 2015 Jenner CA.

The weather was looking good as I put my boat in at Jenner this morning. There was an off shore breeze and the sun was mostly out. I paddled across the river to Penny Island when I saw Steve putting in his boat at the boat ramp so I waited for him to catch up.

When he caught up, we headed on up the river passing these white pelicans resting on the gravel beach just above Penny Island.pelicans


We continued on up the river and were by Eagle’s landing when the pelicans flew by heading up the river. They likely got spooked by some people and were heading up to a quieter spot.pels


We paddled up past Muskrat and on to Dead deer gulch and just a little further to this spot where I went to shore for a bit.russianriver


I’m sure I just saw a little frog hop up on that dead fish

Eventually we paddled back to Muskrat Nest beach and sat for awhile. As I was sitting there I thought I was seeing a frog hop up to this dead fish approaching in a circle from the left side. But as I stared at it, I thought,no, it was a mouse and took a couple pictures just before it flew off the fish in the wind.

See the little mouse on the right side of the dead fish? Steve was watching it too.fishmouse


I wasn’t even sure it was a dead fish as I could barely see it. Here’s a little closer shot of the thing. It’s a fish alright.leafmouse


It wasn’t a frog or a mouse after all

A little gust of wind came up and blew the little leaf away. That sure fooled us for a bit.

Dead harbor seal

We continued on down the river and went past this turkey vulture eating a dead harbor seal that died not too long ago.vulture


Thousands of little fish

As we were paddling down the shoreline we began to see some sort of little fish splashing along the shoreline, lots of them. I stopped and a bunch of them swam around my boat.

See the little fish, about two inches long.lilfish


We paddled around the little fish for awhile watching them move in a big swarm.fish3


A close up of the little fish. Since they are under the water, things look like this.fish2


Diving brown pelican

Steve was going to go down to the river’s mouth area, but I was going in for the day, so I left him headed down the island back channel and I started crossing over the river to the boat ramp area when this brown pelican started diving for fish almost right in front of me. It jumped up and flew around and dove on fish several times as I watched. Here, it’s setting up it’s bill to swallow some fish it just caught which are in it’s pouch. It’s next move will be to point it’s bill to the sky and let the little fish slide down it’s hatch.pelican2


Here, the pelican is just about to do the same thing again. I never did see the little fish it was catching, but it seemed to be catching some on each dive.pelican


From there, I headed over to the boat ramp and went on home for the day.

Van fan shroud construction project

I wanted to cut some new pieces out of the plastic barrel to start a new van fan shroud as I didn’t like the one I made yesterday.

I decided to try using the flat part of the barrel, so I cut one out, but found it a little floppy, so I decided to cut one out with a rib on it that would be out of the way of mounting it, so I cut out one like the one on the right which was much stiffer and should work better. But I got ahead of myself and tried to from an eighteen inch circle instead of the twenty inch one I needed and messed the first one up which you can see leaning against the barrel, cut up.cutbarrel


So, I cut the one out that is on the right in the above picture and decided to do more thinking and less cutting until I have it all figured out.

Here’s the new shroud laying on the template I will use to make it’s mounts. Now that I have a more uniform piece of plastic to make this out of, I should be able to just use this template. I should be able to build the whole shroud using the template and then just go mount it on the van without a bunch of adjustment, I hope.shroudneew


I hope this one works

I decided to stop at this point for the day as I didn’t want to make anymore mistakes. If I think about what I need to do enough, I can just do it much faster and hopefully get it right. I need to get this one right as I’m getting tired of working on it. :O)

Nice day.

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The New Van Fan Shroud Didn’t Work Out, So I’m Starting Over

Sunday July 26m 2015 Guerneville CA.

The day started out battling a computer

My plan for the day was to get the new van fan shroud mounted, but I had forgotten my brother Mike was bringing by his new computer for me to help him get the bugs out, so I had to start with that first.

As usual computers take longer than you think to work on. I reinstalled most of his motherboard drivers and uninstalled IE 11 and reinstalled it. At that point I went out in the yard to get started on the van project telling him to work his computer and see if it gets any more errors in event viewer. I looked over the shroud job and got things together before Mike came out to get me to fix one more error. While we were doing this Bill came by for a visit so we stopped and visited for a bit and had a nice visit.

I finally got my brother’s computer error free and he left me to work on the van shroud.

Working on the van fan shroud

This is looking down at the radiator fan and engine. I need to make a shroud around that fan so it pulls more air through the radiator and also acts as a guard which is nice. But the problem is one has to pretty much stand on one’s head to work down there.radiiatrorfan


A template is in order

So I made a cardboard template that fit over the fan shroud mounting bolts. I next mounted the cardboard template on the mounting bolts in the van and used a marker pen to trace where the outside of the fan blades hit on the cardboard. I just hold a marker pin on the outside of the fan blades and turned the fan to make the marks. Unfortunately, the fan isn’t quite centered so that makes things more difficult.

Here’s the cardboard template before I marked the outside of the fan marks on it. I punched the mounting holes in it.pattern


You can see the black marker pen marks I made from the outside of the fan blades. I next needed to put some metal ears on it to mount it. I pop riveted the metal ears to the plastic fan shroud. I made the plastic part from a plastic barrel.



After I put the top two ears on, I tried it in the van. Unfortunately, I didn’t allow enough room for the top of the fan to clear and I got off to a bad start and things didn’t go good from there.

However, I continued to try and make it work, taking much time.

Sometimes things just don’t work out

Here’s the new shroud with the four metal ears attached. unfortunately, using the curved part of the plastic barrel is causing too many interference problems with things. The flared curve is making it too big around and the curved top is getting too close to the fan blades in one spot. It looks good, but.shroud


Scrap it and start over

I’m thinking of going to plan B. Scrap that first one and start over. The curves seem to be making this project harder than it should be, so I’m planning to cut out the part of the barrel that is flat so I don’t have to deal with the curves. The flat part of the barrel is really a couple of inches too big in diameter, but I think I can just cut a section out and reduce it’s size. Once I have a straight cylinder to work with, it all should go together much easier. I can use the template I made which should work better with a flat cylinder piece of plastic.

Sometimes, you just have to go through all the wrong motions to get to the final product. That’s just the way it is.

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