Meeting Ray and Anna On Indian Rock and Charlie’s Electrical Problem

Tuesday February 9, 2016 Jenner CA.

VA’s working on things

I was a little late getting it going this morning, but that meant I was around when the VA lady called to confirm that they were working on getting my allergy appointment to an outside local party set up and it usually takes about seven days to set these things up. Once I get an allergy doc, then I still have to set up an appointment. But at least things are moving in the right direction.

Paddle time

I left for Jenner shortly after that phone call. I saw Ray’s truck in the parking lot, so I knew he was down here kayaking somewhere.

It was high tide, so I decided to head down to the river’s mouth area first, so headed down along the north shoreline here. The wind was up a bit, but the sun was out nice.river


Mouth is open for the steelhead to come in

The river’s mouth was open and the ocean was real rough making some nice big splashes up on the rocks on the jetty.rough


This is looking out the open river’s mouth with some harbor seals resting there on the sand. Later Ray tells me he saw some seals eating big fish in this area this morning, so the steelhead are still coming into the river to start their spawning.seals


The wind seemed to be picking up, so I didn’t stay in the mouth area long and headed back up along Penny Island to the upper end channel here and sat for a


The wind was starting to die down, so I headed on up the river along the south shoreline.

I see Ray’s kayak up ahead

At this spot, eagles landing, I could see Rays yellow kayak up ahead on the shoreline, so I knew he was out for a hike to the old Indian rock on the ridge top.upriver


As I paddled over a bit closer, I could see two people up on the rock and they waved.rock


At first, I hadn’t planned on hiking on up there, but as I thought about it, I decided to land and hike up there.

I paddled past this golden eye duck as I headed to shore.golden


Hiking up the hill

I decided to take my time walking up the trail as I didn’t want to get overheated and get my hives activated and get to itching a lot and I thought they might come down as I was going up, but that was ok.

I hiked up the trail  here and yes, there is lots of poison oak in this area, even though it is dormant right now.trail


Well, I got a little warm and itched a bit, but I made it up to the rock before they came down.

Here’s the view down river from the rock. Things look nice with all the greened up grass.river2


And here’s the view looking up the river from the rock.upriver2


Ray was up on the rock with his daughter Anna whose been wanting to hike up to the rock for some time now, so she got her wish today. She thought it was a pretty neat rock and it is.

Heading back down to the river

Here’s Ray and Anna just as we started down from the rock on my secret trail. The trail  is not really secret, but you have to know where it is to use it, or you won’t be going far on this hill and you better not get poison oak, or you might be sorry. :O) Anna says she gets it some, but toughed it out. :O)downtrail


I followed them down the trail. Anna is having a little swing on the limb as she passes.anna


Here’s Ray and Anna as we got back to the river where the boats were


River otters

We got back into our boats and started down the river slowly drifting along, when I think it was Anna that said there’s an otter. Two of them where diving and feeding along the shoreline as we watched. Here’s one of them.otter


For some reason the wind really picked up as we moved down the river, but that’s the way it is when you are by the ocean.

We paddled down along this shoreline headed for the boat ramp at Jenner ahead.jenner


We took our boats out for a nice day.

Visiting Charlie turns out to be work

I headed on home, but decided to stop and visit my friend Charlie near Monte Rio, so I drove up to his house and found him home.

He seemed to be having a bit of problem with his electrical system in his house.

Seems it started blowing breakers last night and now it was blowing out light bulbs.

I told him to get his electrical meter out, so I could take some measurements and find out what’s going on. I checked and checked and found that he had 230 volts on his 110 line which meant he lost his ground or neutral line which let the 110 volt circuits float. That’s bad because it puts 220 volts on the 110 line which can blow any 110 volt equipment out. We could already see some lights had blown out.

I helped him check things until it got dark and told him to check out the wire that goes to his house tomorrow looking for a break in the ground line. His electrical supply wires come from another house and are not run properly, so I suspect he has a problem somewhere in that mess. He may have blown out a bunch of his computer and T’V stuff, only time will tell once he gets things fixed.

I got home just after dark and that was my day.

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Phone Tag, an Old Well and Woke Up the Dozer

Monday February 8, 2016 Guerneville CA.

More phone tag

I decided to stay home today. I needed to play some more phone tag with the VA. I started out the day with a call into them and left a message to contact me.

Measuring the old well

The next thing I wanted to do was measure the depth of the old family ranch well across the street. I pulled an old pump out of it not too long ago, so I measured how deep that well pipe was by measuring the pipe length. Forty nine feet to the bottom of the submergible pump.

I then dropped a weight down the well with a string and pulled it up and measured that. Fifty three feet to the bottom of the well,  four more feet than the pump depth. So  a new pump at fifty feet should work out ok. We need to get a new pump with all the hardware and get it all hooked up. I spent some time checking out how to hook a new pump up to the old electrical system and just laying out what I needed to do to get the job done. This pump would supply my brothers garden with some much needed water to grow vegetables.

Back to the VA

By now it was after lunch so I called the VA again and had some success as I got the person I needed, finally. She said the Doc had my application in and they had to process it which usually takes about seven days, so I needed to wait for my application to get approved and if I haven’t heard from them by the sixteenth, call back.

Good, I finally got that going which should get me an allergy appointment with a local doctor,  I hope. :O)

I puttered around in my yard for an hour or so checking out what I need to do for spring as it’s seems to be here.

Waking up the bulldozer

Then I got five gallons of diesel in a can and got the quad runner going and headed up into the woods to put some fuel in the dozer and get it started to charge up the battery.

I fueled it up ok, but when I tried to start it, it acted like the battery was weak, but then I heard a spark noise at the battery, so opened up the compartment and messed with the battery cables and clamps to make a connection where I heard the spark. Lucky I had put an adjustable wrench in my back pocket just before leaving. I tried the key again and it started right up. I let it run to warm up while I greased it.

Here’s the dozer where I fueled it up.fuelup


Once the dozer warmed up, I headed on down the road about a mile to a spot my brother wants to cut some firewood going through here.road4


Using the dozer to help cut firewood may be a little over kill, but it makes things much easier and much safer too as the dozer can handle big trees safely better than we can.

I cruised on down this road, once in awhile moving a dead tree off the road.road


I pulled the dozer into the area my brother wants to cut firewood and parked it. I hope I ran it long enough to charge up the battery.

Now, I had to walk back on the road to get my quad runner. That means walking along and throwing sticks and rocks off the road which is actually a lot of work.

I got to this spot and over heated causing my hives to activate, meaning I was itching a lot, so I sat down to cool off on the right there by my shirt.walkroad


While I was sitting there cooling off, I was checking out this big redwood stump. It’s about six feet in diameter at the trunk and you can see some of it’s roots which are massive.stump


Once I had cooled down enough I continued on up the road walking.

At this spot, I could see my quad up there ahead, the little red spot.road2


I hopped on the quad runner and headed on home and that was about it for the day.

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