Truck Work and an Evening Kayak at Jenner with a Sick Sea Lion

Saturday May 2, 2015 Jenner CA.

Truck work first

My brother Mike came over this morning to get some help mounting his truck racks on his truck so we worked on that for an hour or so.

Here’s Mike using a power hack saw to cut some metal for the project.mikke


After that, we went for a little walk over to another brothers garden and then I was feeling a bit tired out, so I puttered around the house and yard for most of the rest of the day.

Headed out for an evening kayak

Around six PM, I headed down to Jenner for an evening kayak. There was a bunch of high fog as I drove into Jenner and put my boat in the water.

Sick sea lion

While I was putting my boat in the water, Johnny the kayak rental guy came by and told me about a young sea lion that didn’t seem to be doing too well down river on the way to the mouth.

I crossed the river to Penny Island and sat here for a bit. You can see it’s a bit overcast and only a couple of hours until dark.jenner


As I continued paddling down the river, I went by this pair of mallard ducks resting in this spot.mallards


Young sea lion

I found the young sea lion pretty much where Johnny said it would be. These young ones occasionally come into the estuary when they are sick and not doing too good. Things are a lot more peaceful in the river than out in the ocean.sealion


I have no idea what’s wrong with this young sea lion? The fact one can get close to it is a sure sign, it’s not doing well.sealion2


Mother Nature will do her thing

I’ve learned to let mother nature take her course with wild type critters, so I left it to it’s fate. It didn’t seem to be doing as bad as some of them I’ve seen in the past.

River’s mouth is closed

I paddled over to the closed river’s mouth to have a look. These harbor seals are on the closed part of the mouth, with maybe a foot or so of sand to go before the river breaks over into the ocean againrivermouth


You can see the sand is only about a foot higher than the river, with the ocean in the back ground which is at low tide right now.seals


I hung around the mouth area for a bit, then headed back up the river. I went up the back channel of Penny Island where I saw this cormorant and the crow on a dead tree log.birds


I pulled into this little channel on the upper end of Penny Island where I sat for awhile watching and taking it


I watched these two male mallard ducks fighting it out for a bit, then this one did this victory dance and they seemed to get along after that.ducks


I headed on over to the boat ramp from that spot. With the overcast, I knew I wasn’t going to see any sunset, so I didn’t wait around for that.ramp


I took a look at the water level gauge at the visitor center. it reads almost six feet which shows the river is backing up with the closed mouth. It may break open around seven feet, but maybe not, only time will tell.gauge


I pulled my boat out of the water and headed on home for the day.

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A Bit of Shopping and Just Enjoying My Yard

May 1, 2015 Guerneville CA.

Shopping first

I needed to go to the do some shopping today to pick up supplies for yard projects I have planned  and it wouldn’t hurt to get some things to eat too, but that didn’t happen.

But before I got off, two of my brothers, Mike and Barry showed up so we sat out in the yard discussing important family matters.

Older guys Easter egg hunt

I was off to shop just after noon and headed for Home Depot. I needed some pipe stuff for the new well pump so I spent a good deal of time hunting around for what I needed. It’s always fun trying to find fittings in the pipe section. Things aren’t where they should be or people throw things back in the wrong boxes or they are out of the part that’s needed, which is always fun hunting for the part that’s not there and you can’t assume the box of parts is where it should be, either. One must hunt for the parts. It’s about as close as an older guy gets to an Easter egg type hunt.

I found most of the stuff and headed on home for the day. I had other places to shop, but shopping is not my best thing to do, so home I went and unloaded my stuff and spent the rest of the day puttering around the yard and mostly just enjoying the day.


I was noticing how nice these wild radish weeds looked when I saw this butterfly sampling them.weeds


Here’s the butterfly sampling the wild radish weed flowers.monark


I was also noticing that this volunteer chard that came up from last years garden was looking good and I should pick some to go with dinner. Spring chard is always nice and sweet and tender.

Spring chard.chard


As the sun went down, I noticed my roses were looking good. They always give me a good bloom in the spring and last well into the summer if I give them a bit of water. The Pink Climbers also have rather sharp and hooked thorns just to let you know when you’re around them.roses


Here’s a closer look at the pink climbers just after the sun went behind the mountain for the day.pinkroses


I sat around the yard in the evening until it the air cooled down and dark was approaching.

Nice day, even if I did have to do some shopping.

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