The New Raspberry Patch and Planning My Trip to Usal Creek

Wednesday May 4, 2016 Guerneville CA.

Off to the dentist

I had a dentist appointment first thing this morning so I headed off to Forestville and got that done, mostly a cleaning and an adjustment. On the way home I did a bit of grocery shopping getting ready for my trip to Usal tomorrow.

Disappointing news

When I got home, I found an email from Jeff a guy up in Fort Bragg Steve knows saying the Usal road north that was supposed to be open May 2 was still locked up due to a slide on it that they haven’t removed yet. The website he referred me too said they would have it open May 20. Too late for me this trip.

So, I had to look at some maps of the area to figure out what to do to explore this trip as I was planning to go up that road. The only thing I can see is we will have to come out the south side and head over to highway 101 and go into Shelter cove at Garberville, which we will likely do.

New raspberry patch

I heard my brother’s tractor out back so I went out to have a look. He’s getting the ground ready for the new raspberry plants that are coming tomorrow, I think he said.patch


I checked back a little later when I saw him go by and he was installing the watering system to water the berry plants.waterlines


Enjoying the passage of time

I spent most of the rest of the day just sitting and puttering around in the yard, just enjoying the passage of time and thinking about what I need to get done for this trip and packing a bit too.

I walked by this old log and checked out the roses.roses


These pink ones were looking nice.pinks


It’s not the roses

Now, looking at the picture below, you  might think I was interested in the roses and I was, but I was most interested in the small green plums in the green leaves as I eat these things in this state. plums


This particular plum was brought back from the Lake Sonoma area in 1986 as it is not bitter or very sour in this state and it sweetens up quick before it actually gets ripe. It also has a nice crunch to it. I’ve propagated this plum tree all over my yard now with several off shoot varieties that started from the seeds.

So that’s what I did today.

I will leave for the Usal Creek area in the Lost Coast area tomorrow where there is no internet access, but if we come out to highway 101, I might find some, but don’t count on it, so I might be gone for a week or so.

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Paddling Around the Russian River Estuary on a Nice Spring Day

Tuesday May 3, 2016 Jenner CA.

Time for a paddle

Time to get out kayaking so I was off to Jenner this morning once I got it going.

I put my boat in the water. It was a bit overcast, but the wind was down, so off I went headed across the river and down along this shoreline towards the lower end of Penny Island.river


I stopped and watched the harbor seals frolicking just past the lower end of Penny island for a bit.seals


I went by this lone loon headed towards the river’s mouth area.loon


This was my view as I headed to the river’s mouth area, down where the white waves are.moutharea


On the way, I passed by this pair of geese, which moved out of my way as I passed on by.geese


I run into Dan

I was sitting in my boat down by the open mouth watching the harbor seals when I noticed some kayaks approaching off in the distance.seal2


I recognized one of the guys. It was Dan out for a paddle. We sat in our boats and shot the bull for quite some time.dan


Eventually, Dan went to shore for lunch and he was going to pick up trash on the beach too.

I left Dan and moved over closer to the open mouth. I could see some birds sitting on the shore there. Most of them were terns with some seagulls too.terns


I sat in front of the open mouth here and watched the ocean waves breaking for a bit.wave


From there, I headed on back up the river to this spot which I call the slot and sat and enjoyed the day for a bit. slot


I headed up the island’s back channel when I saw this bird fly out and land a bit ahead of me. A green night heron if I remember correctly.heron


I paddled just past the upper end of the island and was sitting when this seagull paddled up to me.seagull


I was watching these male mallard ducks in front of the old milk barn on the island.barn


As I passed them, they jumped into the air and landed a short distance in front of me where there was a female with little ones.duckies


They appeared to have done that to distract me while the female and the little ducks paddled off into the reeds to hide, while the male ducks paddled right in front of me.

Here’s the momma with the little ducks headed into the reeds.ducks


I headed on over to the boat ramp and took my boat out and went on home for the day.

I napped and didn’t do much for the rest of the day, except I puttered around the yard in the evening until dark.

And that was my day.

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