A Blustery Wind Day Paddling Jenner

Thursday April 17, 2014 Jenner CA.

How long have the eagles been coming back to Jenner

As I arrived in Jenner this morning the wind was just starting to pick up  a bit, but not too bad, yet.

I saw Ray’s truck in the parking lot, so I went on down to the river’s mouth area to see if I could find him. He was sitting in his kayak in front of the river’s mouth, just taking it easy.

Bald headed eagle

Just before I got to where he was I saw this bald eagle sitting up in the tree.baldeagle


The river’s mouth area

The ocean was pretty rough with high tide coming on. We sat around there watching the harbor seals and the sea lions for about an hour.

This is what the river’s mouth looked like from our view.rivermouth


As usual, there were some harbor seals resting on the sandy beach.seals


The wind was starting to pick up as we left the area and headed up river. That eagle flew by and circled and was gone,  just as we were leaving.eagle


A word about the eagles at Jenner

I’m pretty sure I took one of the first pictures of the first bald headed eagles that started to show up in the Jenner area in May of 2009. I saw it land on the east end of Penny island and it was eating a big fish. I paddled over there and took some pictures. I was surprised it let me get as close as I did, but then again it was eating the remains of a nice big fish.

I’d only seen it once or twice when a cow died shortly before this, but it was never in a place to get a picture of it.

Since then, the bald headed eagles have been making more frequent appearances in the area, increasing each year.

This is a picture of the first bald headed eagle, making an appearance in the Jenner area in May of 2009, eating what’s left of a big fish.eagle1


A little walk on the poison oak alley trail

We paddled on up the back side of Penny Island and decided to go ashore at the swamp rock trail area, just east of the island.

We went ashore by the trees on the right of this picture, just as we paddled out of the backside channel of Penny Island.view


We went ashore here at the swamp rock trail, looking back to the town of Jenner.kayaks


The swamp rock trail still has swamp water sitting on it, so we didn’t go that way, but headed on up the river on the poison oak alley trail, about three quarters of a mile or so.

Something was making quite a commotion

We got to a place in the trail that is a rest area and were sitting there for a bit, when all of a sudden there was a lot of noise just through the trees and below us on the river. Ray said it sorta sounded like a big dog, such as a lab playing in the water and snorting. We couldn’t see what it was because of all the thick brush, but it was making a lot of snorts and splashes in the water. I mean, like the splashes were big splashes and quite load too.

I looked through this brush, but couldn’t see a thing, but sure could hear something.comotion


I walked back down the trail to find an opening in the brush and this is what I saw and heard even better. Something was doing a lot of splashing in the shallow water, but I still couldn’t make out what was doing it?comotion2


Eventually, I saw one of the harbor seals head out into deeper water, maybe because it saw me. The other seal that was doing all the snorting and still was, was sitting near the shore, as can be seen in this picture.seal


It had it ‘s eye on me and eventually, it too went out into deeper water and was gone.

I have no idea what they were doing, but they sure made a lot of noise doing it.

We continued walking on the trail on up the river until we arrived at eagle’s landing where we took another break

I decided to go up the hill a bit from there to take another way back. This is our view as we went on up the trail through the trees and ferns and poison oak too.trail


Eventually, we had to come back down to the poison oak alley trail. This is my view as I followed Ray through it. It’s not all poison oak, but there is a lot of it mixed in with the lush vegetation.hike


Another one of our views as we are almost back to our boats. The trail goes right through there, with lots of poison oak.jenner


And yes, the wind was blustery

When we got back to our boats, the wind had picked up some more. Ray said, It’s blustery.

I agreed.

It was white capping as we worked our way back to the launch ramp and took our boats out for the day, around three PM.

Even though it was a bit windy today, even blustery, it wasn’t that cold so it was still fairly nice.

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Paddling Down Below Monte Rio to the Casini Ranch and Back

Wednesday April 16, 2014 Monte Rio, CA.

A real nice day on the Russian River

I met Steve down at the Monte Rio boat ramp around eleven AM this morning. He was already on the water as I arrived. I put my boat in the water and joined him. We headed on down the river at a leisurely pace, headed for the Casini Ranch. Casini Ranch is about three miles down the river from Monte Rio and three miles back for a total of about six miles.

It was a real nice day, some breeze and the sun was out and oh, we don’t have any of those nasty type bugs either, which is always nice.

Here is a view of the river about a mile down the river, just above the Villa Grande Hole.river


We passed several great blue herons fishing along the shoreline. Here is one of them.heron


And I saw a number of these turtles on logs along the shoreline.turtles


This is Steve as we continued down the river, just below the Villa Grande Hole.rivrview


We passed a goose taking it easy on the Sheridan beach.goose


Our view as we rounded the Moscow hole just above the Casini Ranch, headed down the river.view2


We are approaching the Casini Ranch riffle in this picture, their beach is out of site to the left of this picture.



We paddled just past the brush on the left and pulled in where we sat for lunch, just above the Casini Ranch riffle.casini


After a good break in this area, we headed back up the river where we passed this cormorant resting on this log.cormorant


We are headed back up the river to the Rein’s beach area in this picture.reins


This is Moscow hole just past Rein’s beach, a real nice place to stop for a bit to just enjoy.rein


A little breeze came up, but not bad. We stopped for a bit by this rock for a rest, before continuing on up the river.view


It was about five PM as we rounded the Villa Grande hole going back up the river, headed for Monte Rio.rio


I spied a wood duck just below Monte Rio, scooting out of our way and headed for some trees to disappear.wooduck


By now, we were both beat and ready to get out and go home. We pulled our boats out of the water and went on home, where I hit the couch for the rest of the day.

Nice day kayaking the river.

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